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“My overall experience at Kiwi Recovery has been enjoyable, fun, helpful and a great learning experience."
Adolescent Client
“The staff are so supportive! If I had to think about what I would tell myself on my first day, it would be, it will be ok and that here, I will get the help I need."
Adolescent Client
“Great, comforting, supportive place, and cool staff! I wholeheartedly recommend it for its life-changing impact and unwavering support.”
“Witnessing my friend's transformative journey with Kiwi Recovery has been awe-inspiring. The staff's empathy and expertise fostered an environment of healing and growth. Through personalized therapy and group support, they found a holistic path to recovery. Equipped with valuable life skills and comprehensive aftercare, my friend is now on the road to lasting wellness. The serene setting played a vital role in their healing process. Kiwi Recovery is a beacon of hope for anyone battling addiction.”
Friend of Young Adult Client
"Kiwi Recovery offers great services that are vital for individual's recovery needs. They offer an adolescent program that are few and far between. In addition, they have sponsored and helped donate to local nonprofits. I always think of Kiwi Recovery as not only a program for substance use disorder but a great footprint in the community."
"Kiwi Recovery is an excellent program for mental health and substance use. The staff was helpful from the very first time I contacted them about the person in need ( it was on a Sunday night!) Transition to Kiwi from another facility was seamless. The staff handled everything from insurance, intake and integration into group therapy in a professional and caring manner. Kiwi Recovery also made sure we were set up for any continuing care needed after discharge. All in all I would recommend Kiwi for anyone looking for therapy for themselves or a loved one."
Parent of Client