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Trauma Therapy for Young Adults and Adolescents


a teen talks to a therapist during trauma therapy If you’ve experienced a traumatic event, you understandably want to move past it. But often, getting away from the trauma feels impossible. It might reappear in sudden flashbacks and in nightmares, or you might simply feel tense and on edge throughout each day. Young adult mental health treatment could help you get your life back. 

At Kiwi Recovery, we offer young adult and teen trauma therapy. Feeling relief from the pain of trauma may seem impossible, but it’s within your reach. If you could benefit from our trauma treatment for teens and young adults, call us today at 617.751.6610

Why Is Young Adult Trauma Therapy So Important? 

Trauma can come from many sources: isolated events, ongoing experiences, and even witnessing a traumatic event that happened to someone else. Unfortunately, after experiencing trauma, many young adults turn to unhealthy coping behaviors like drug and alcohol use, cutting, or disordered eating. 

Often, the link between trauma and maladaptive behavior is subconscious; a teen or young adult might develop an eating disorder or substance use disorder and not understand its connection to the trauma.  

Some counselors or treatment centers treat only one issue. But because trauma and other mental health conditions feed off of one another, this incomplete approach makes it difficult or impossible to achieve true wellness. 

Symptoms of Trauma

Not all young adults develop eating disorders or substance use disorders in the wake of a traumatic event, but it’s common for them to face disruptive symptoms that severely damage their quality of life: 

  • Flashbacks 
  • Nightmares and other sleep issues 
  • Avoiding people or places that might trigger a trauma response 
  • Emotional numbness 
  • Constantly feeling tense or on edge 
  • Anger, irritability, and aggression 
  • Suicidal thoughts and behaviors 

Fortunately, trauma therapy for young adults can effectively reduce or eliminate these symptoms. If you have any other mental health diagnoses, our professionals can help you manage those as well. With the right treatment and new, healthy coping strategies, you’ll feel empowered to move past your trauma. 

How Does Teen Trauma Therapy Work? 

At Kiwi Recovery, we believe in person-centered trauma treatment for teens and young adults. This means that we respect you as an individual and design a treatment plan based on your needs.  

Our therapists are knowledgeable about multiple treatment modalities, and we can work with you using one or more. Here are some of the therapies that may help you process and overcome trauma:  

  • Trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – Talk therapy that can help you process the traumatic events and your emotional responses 
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) – Therapy using specific techniques that stimulate both sides of the brain 
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) – Therapy focusing on mindfulness and self-regulating emotions, especially after flashbacks or reminders of trauma 
  • Group therapy –  Gatherings that provide support and community as you navigate traumatic memories 
  • Music and other creative therapies – Sessions that help you release traumatic memories and gain a sense of empowerment 

In many cases, using multiple treatment modalities is the best approach. For instance, you might do EMDR one-on-one with a therapist, spend time in group therapy with other clients, and engage in music therapy. 

Traumatic experiences have lasting mental health consequences, but they also can impact your physical health. That’s why we offer nutritional counseling and other services as a part of our trauma therapy for young adults.  

Trauma Treatment for Teens at Kiwi Recovery 

Traumatic experiences weave a damaging web that spreads to every area of your life. But with individualized, evidence-based young adult trauma therapy, healing is possible. Our knowledgeable counselors are ready to help you move into a brighter future. Contact Kiwi Recovery today at 617.751.6610