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What Are the Side Effects of Opiate Use?

A young woman suffering from opiate side effects

Opioids are powerful drugs that are meant to provide pain relief, but they hold a dangerous potential to cause addiction. Opioid addiction is a pervasive issue that affects people of all ages, including teens and young adults. If your child has an addiction to opiates, Kiwi Recovery offers opioid treatment services to help them. Contact us today at 617.751.6610 to learn more about how we can help.

Opioid Addiction: Causes and Side Effects of Opiate Use

Opioids are drugs, both legal and illegal, that affect certain receptors in the brain. Opiates derive directly from the poppy plant and include drugs like codeine, opium, heroin, and morphine. Opioids can be synthetic or semi-synthetic and include drugs like fentanyl, OxyCodone, and more.

Although there’s a difference between the terms—all opiates are opioids, but not all opioids are opiates—they’re often used interchangeably.

The causes of opioid addiction can vary. Having lived through traumatic experiences or having easy access to drugs can make addiction more likely, as can having a close relative who also has a substance use disorder.

Mental health conditions can also lead to addiction since the symptoms can become so debilitating that getting relief in any possible way can lead to substance abuse.

The most common symptoms of opiate use include:

  • Nausea
  • Weight loss
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting
  • Respiratory issues

One of the most problematic opiate side effects is tolerance. Tolerance is when your body becomes accustomed to having the drug in its system and requires more of it to get the desired effects. Tolerance also means that stopping the use of the drug leads to withdrawal symptoms.

Long-term side effects of opiate use can be severe. They include the development of cardiovascular issues, sleep-disordered breathing, and bowel dysfunction.

Of all of the opiate side effects, however, the most dangerous is the development of addiction. Opioid addiction refers to the need to use the drug despite all of the negative consequences it causes and experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop using it.

Treatment of Opioid Addiction: Programs Available for Teens and Young Adults

At Kiwi Recovery, we offer a variety of treatment programs to help teens and young adults start healing from opioid addiction.

Full-Day Treatment: Intensive Level of Care

We offer a treatment program that can help your child get the assistance they need at an intense level of care without having to go into inpatient treatment. Our full-day treatment makes it possible for your child to benefit from individual therapy sessions that focus on uncovering the causes of their addiction.

We also offer group therapy sessions that allow clients to see that they are not alone in their struggles—all without having to stay overnight at a facility.

Intensive Outpatient Program: Managing More Independence

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) can help your child gain more independence. At the same time, they’ll be able to keep up with their substance use disorder treatment. IOPs require fewer hours of treatment each week, but they still offer individual therapy and group therapy sessions that help your child learn coping skills and understand what led to the addiction.

Aftercare Programs: Adjusting to Everyday Life

We also offer an aftercare program that assists your child in the transition between treatment and daily life. They learn relapse prevention techniques while also having access to support groups.

Getting Help for Symptoms of Opiate Use at Kiwi Recovery

At Kiwi Recovery, we offer assistance for teens and young adults who have symptoms of opiate use and are dealing with addiction and mental health concerns. With our team ready to offer support and guidance, we can help make the process of getting sober a simpler one. Call Kiwi Recovery today at 617.751.6610 to begin your recovery journey.