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What Are the Benefits of Anger Management Therapy?

mom and daughter talk with therapist about the benefits of anger management therapy

Anger disorders can impact all aspects of a person’s life, including their health and relationships, so asking for help is vital. At Kiwi Recovery, we offer an anger management therapy program that can help teens and young adults address their challenges. You can learn more about our program by calling 617.751.6610.

What Is Anger Management?

Anger disorders can manifest in anyone, but certain groups are more prone to developing this issue, such as those who:

  • Have anxiety problems
  • Have trouble regulating emotions
  • Have a family history of anger problems
  • Have experienced abuse or trauma

Anger management programs often include a kind of behavioral therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, that can help you identify the negative thought patterns that lead to your negative moods and emotions.

Group therapy is vital for anger management because it offers the opportunity to engage with others in healthier ways, and family therapy helps, too, as it can aid you and your loved ones through the process of healing.

Apart from behavioral therapies, anger management programs can also include holistic therapies, like meditation and yoga. These can help you learn to relax and better manage your emotions. Emotional regulation is key, so you need to learn coping skills for when you feel out of control.

What is important to note, though, is that anger management, no matter what direction it takes, is not about suppressing your anger so much as it is about understanding the message behind that emotion and finding healthier ways of expressing it.

Anger Management Therapy Benefits

If you suffer from anger issues, there are many benefits of anger management therapy that you can expect as you begin treatment:

Understanding Your Anger

One of the advantages of anger management therapy is that it allows you to understand that not every form of anger is necessarily unhealthy. You’ll be able to recognize harmful anger and be guided through the steps to take to control it.

Anger management therapy can also teach you how to express yourself in more appropriate ways and how to make behavioral changes to redirect your feelings.

In addition, you’ll also discover what your triggers are, through which you can delve into the underlying cause of your anger to see the various experiences that might have led to the problem. Once you know where the anger stems from, you can start making the necessary behavioral adjustments.

Better Communication Skills

Another of the most important anger management therapy benefits is that it helps you hone your communication skills. People with anger issues tend to have underdeveloped communication skills, leading to the inability to communicate assertively but calmly.

By participating in anger management therapy, you’ll come to understand what works and what doesn’t as you speak with others while also learning more about feelings of empathy and respect.

Reduced Stress

The inability to communicate effectively can lead to heightened stress levels, but when you learn to express yourself in positive ways, your stress levels can come down. It works with the inverse as well: Since anger often has a basis in being overwhelmed, reducing stress can often lead to further progress in managing your anger.

Help with Relationships

Another one of the benefits of anger management therapy is that it can help you rebuild relationships. Not knowing how to deal with anger can lead you to lash out and hurt those closest to you, but by learning how to work past your anger and developing new ways of communicating, you can rekindle those meaningful bonds.

Better Judgment

Anger leads people to act solely upon their impulses and instincts, leading to decisions and actions they later regret. By learning how to manage powerful emotions, you can prevent impulsive behaviors.

Kiwi Recovery: Discover the Advantages of Anger Management Therapy

No one has to struggle with bouts of uncontrollable anger. With all of the advantages of anger management therapy, turning to professionals for help is undoubtedly an excellent first step. At Kiwi Recovery, you can receive individual and group therapy sessions to help you with anger issues. Contact us today at Kiwi Recovery by calling 617.751.6610 or by reaching out online.