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Alumni Services for Young Adults and Adolescents


a teen talks to a therapist in a alumni addiction treatment programThe right young adult addiction treatment services can help you get on a path to success. But as you move forward with a new, sober life, you may find that unexpected stresses make it more difficult to navigate than you’d imagined. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate alone. At Kiwi Recovery, we offer an alumni program for young adults who have completed treatment with us. Our alumni and addiction treatment services can offer the support and guidance you need for success. If you’re interested in joining, give Kiwi Recovery a call at 617.751.6610

What Is a Young Adult Addiction Alumni Program? 

When you imagine an alumni program for young adults, you might think of a program for a college or high school. However, substance use treatment centers have alumni and addiction treatment services that last after treatment as well. 

These programs create a support system for clients who have completed treatment and can benefit from having a system for accountability and encouragement. They also offer an opportunity for anyone looking to mentor those new in recovery. 

Alumni groups are especially helpful for young people. Many informal social events for young people involve alcohol and drug use. Alumni events offer you the chance to socialize and make friends without being around substances. 

An addiction alumni program for teens can offer various types of support, including: 

  • Organized alumni-only events 
  • Support groups 
  • Activities like cookouts, camping, and hiking 
  • Volunteer opportunities 
  • Remote support through Facebook groups and other forms of social media 

The exact types of support depend on the center. But all treatment center alumni programs do have one thing in common: they build camaraderie and help you stay sober in a challenging world. 

How Our Young Adult and Teen Alumni Program Can Help You Succeed 

An active young adult addiction alumni program can be a valuable resource for anyone new to recovery. Those in recovery from substance use disorders are uniquely equipped to help one another. 

Early sobriety is challenging, and alumni may inspire you to keep going. Seeing someone who has been sober for four years and seems happy and successful helps you realize that your hard work will pay off.  

If you choose to attend alumni events or even just participate in alumni social media groups, you will also have the opportunity to learn from others in recovery. Different alumni can share what has helped them most in recovery—maybe it’s a specific support group, a type of therapy, or a particularly useful coping skill. 

Our addiction alumni program for teens is also ideal for finding other support services. For instance, you might decide you want to find sober housing. Treatment centers may be able to give you names and numbers of sober living communities, but alumni may have direct experiences with different houses. They’ll be able to tell you which ones will best support you in recovery. 

When you’re part of our alumni program, you also have the opportunity to give back. By helping someone else in recovery, you gain a sense of purpose and gratitude for those who helped you before. Being of service to others can help you boost your self-esteem, too. You’ll soon see that you can positively impact the world. 

Find Lasting Sobriety with Kiwi Recovery’s Addiction Alumni Program For Teens 

Our young adult and teen alumni and addiction treatment services have helped countless young people stay sober. Whether you’re in search of sober housing, looking for a supportive community, or hoping to help someone new to recovery, our alumni program can help. 

If you’re a young person looking for substance use disorder treatment or a former client hoping to get involved with our alumni program, please don’t hesitate to contact Kiwi Recovery at 617.751.6610