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Aftercare Treatment for Young Adults and Adolescents


Completing residential substance use disorder treatment is no small feat. But re-integrating into the world can be daunting. That’s why our young adult addiction treatment programs include aftercare treatment services designed to help you succeed. 

a young person engages in aftercare treatment services with a therapistAt Kiwi Recovery, we offer step-down programs, a relapse prevention program, and other services to give you the best chance of lasting sobriety. Whether you’re interested in addiction treatment services or have already completed treatment and are searching for an aftercare program, call Kiwi Recovery at 617.751.6610 today.  

What Is a Young Adult Aftercare Program? 

Aftercare programs (sometimes called “continuing care” programs) are designed to help you continue to receive support after you’ve completed treatment for a substance use disorder.  

The exact type of care varies based on the treatment center. At Kiwi Recovery, we offer aftercare to clients who have completed treatment in our programs, such as our partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP). 

Aftercare programs help teens and young adults re-integrate into society and live sober, successful lives. Here are a few ways aftercare can help: 

Helping You Focus on Recovery  

As you move into the world after treatment, it’s easy to get distracted by everyday life. Our young adult aftercare program can help you find therapists and psychiatrists if necessary. Therapists can help you continue to learn and use healthy coping behaviors. Psychiatrists can manage your mental health medications. 

Our aftercare program can also help you connect with recovery support groups in your area. We give you the option of connecting with Kiwi Recovery alumni as well. Our alumni group hosts events for those who have completed our program. It also helps you build a lasting support network to help you achieve and maintain long-term sobriety. 

Connecting You to Sober Housing  

For many people in recovery, returning to their current housing situation can make it difficult to stay away from drugs and alcohol. Some young people move into structured or unstructured sober housing once they complete treatment.  

Our aftercare program can work with you to find the right sober living environment. We’re familiar with the various options in our area, so we can help you find one that’s a good fit for you. 

Helping You Find Employment 

Transitioning back into the “real world” can be a challenge. If you need to find a job after treatment, our aftercare program can help. Our counselors can help you find and apply for job openings in the area. 

Aftercare programs also help you streamline the recovery process by creating a continuing care plan. A good aftercare program prepares you to move into the next chapter of your life with the support and resources you need to stay sober. 

Relapse Prevention 

This is an essential part of our teen aftercare program. It’s ideal for anyone looking for additional support as they continue life without drugs and alcohol. Here are some of the services included in our aftercare program for teens and young adults that can help you plan for triggers and avoid relapses: 

This isn’t an exhaustive list—each client is an individual, so each one receives a fully individualized relapse prevention plan. 

Teen Aftercare Program: Find Lasting Sobriety with Kiwi Recovery 

Staying sober as a young person can be a challenge—that’s why we created our aftercare program for teens and young adults. Whether you want to continue getting care with a step-down program, benefit from our ongoing relapse prevention program, or just need help finding a sober place to live, we can help. 

If you’re interested in treatment, our teen aftercare program, or any other services, please don’t hesitate to contact Kiwi Recovery at 617.751.6610