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What Is a Full-Day Treatment Program?

Mental health concerns like depression and anxiety can have a profound impact on the lives of adolescents and their families. If your teen is struggling with mental health issues, you may be considering outpatient mental health services as part of your treatment plan. One option that you may want to consider is a full-day treatment program. What is a full-day program? This level of care provides structure and support while allowing teens to continue living at home, a balance that can be beneficial for both teens and their families.

Kiwi Recovery offers an effective young adult full-day treatment program in Concord that can help your loved one begin the journey to recovery. Call 617.751.6610 today to learn more.

An Overview of Full-Day Treatment Programs

A full-day treatment program is an intensive form of outpatient care for adolescents who need more intensive treatment than an individual or group therapy session but don’t require full-time residential care. This level of care typically consists of up to eight hours per day of therapeutic activities and interventions led by mental health professionals, such as psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and counselors. The intensity of the program allows teens to receive the treatment they need while continuing to live at home and attend school during the day.

How Is a Full-Day Program Different Than an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Full-day treatment programs are often confused with intensive outpatient programs (IOPs). IOPs are also forms of outpatient treatment for adolescents who are struggling with emotional or behavioral problems. However, unlike full-day programs, which can last up to eight hours per day, IOPs typically only last three to four hours per day. This makes IOPs less intense than full-day programs, but they still provide teens with the support they need outside traditional inpatient settings.

Benefits of Full-Day Treatment Programs

Why should you consider a full-day treatment program for your teen? These programs provide teens with a structure and intensive treatment that can help them work through their mental health concerns. Teens receive evidence-based, holistic care that includes individual and group therapy sessions, medication management, and family support services. They also benefit from the support of peers who are going through similar experiences, which can help them to build connections and feel less isolated.

Other benefits associated with full-day programs include:

  • Intensive treatment sessions that provide structure and accountability throughout each day
  • Flexibility in scheduling appointments around school and extracurricular activities
  • A supportive environment where teens can learn healthy coping skills
  • An opportunity to develop positive relationships with peers
  • Access to crisis intervention services if needed

Every step of the way, your teen will receive the support and guidance they need to start building a healthier relationship with their mental health.

Is a Full-Day Program Right for Your Teen?

Full-day treatment programs are just one option for treating adolescents struggling with mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, trauma-related issues, and more. Ultimately, deciding which type of treatment is best depends on several factors, including the severity of symptoms and availability or accessibility of services in your area. If you’re unsure about whether or not this program would be the best fit for your teen’s needs, our team at Kiwi Recovery can help evaluate options based on your unique situation and provide personalized recommendations tailored specifically for you and your teen.

Reach Out to Kiwi Recovery Today to Learn More

If you think that your teen could benefit from enrolling in a full-day treatment program, contact Kiwi Recovery today. Our experienced team will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that we create an individualized plan tailored specifically toward meeting your family’s needs. Call 617.751.6610 or reach out to us online today to get started.