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What Are the Benefits of an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Some teens struggle with mental health concerns that require more support than a weekly therapist meeting but aren’t severe enough to merit inpatient care. A young adult intensive outpatient program offers a wide range of benefits and can be an ideal way to ensure that a teen is receiving sufficient support with mental health concerns without disrupting regular life.

Kiwi Recovery is a teen mental health treatment center. We offer support for a wide variety of teen mental health concerns. You can learn more by calling 617.751.6610 and asking about the young adult intensive outpatient program offered at Kiwi Recovery.

What Is a Young Adult Intensive Outpatient Program?

When it comes to teen mental health treatment, there are different levels of care available. The level of care a teen needs is based on the severity of the mental health concerns they’re struggling with. Mental health treatment can range from regularly scheduled meetings with an individual therapist to inpatient hospitalization.

For many teens, neither of these options is ideal. It’s less common for a teen to need round-the-clock psychiatric care. At the same time, the occasional therapy session often fails to provide the level of support a teen needs to learn to cope with and heal from a mental health condition.

When this is the case, an intensive outpatient program (IOP) is often the ideal option for a teen. IOPs usually meet multiple times a week, but meeting times are arranged to fit around a teen’s school schedule. With an IOP, a teen receives consistent support throughout the week without unnecessary interruption to their regular life.

Intensive Outpatient Program Benefits for Teens

Teen IOPS are highly effective, and it’s common for teens to enjoy the sense of understanding and community they find in sessions. As a teen moves through an IOP, they gain self-awareness of the underlying causes of their mental health challenges.

Intensive outpatient program benefits include:

  • Learning coping skills and strategies
  • Building communication skills
  • Gaining peer support and understanding
  • Receiving an individualized treatment plan
  • Strengthening family relationships

IOPs offer teens practical ways to cope with the thoughts and feelings associated with mental health concerns. At the same time, sessions offer a unique space in which teens build relationships with and receive support from other teens who struggle with the same challenges.

Finding the Best Teen IOP

Not all teen IOPs are the same. If you’re a parent seeking outpatient mental health treatment for your teen, there are a few factors you can consider to ensure the program you’re choosing for your teen is good. Look for programs that offer:

  • Thorough intake evaluations
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Evidence-based therapies
  • Support for co-occurring conditions

It’s important to ensure that a teen IOP offers your teenager adequate support with any mental health challenges they face.

It’s common for mental health concerns to be accompanied by co-occurring disorders, like substance use disorders, eating disorders, and process addictions. An effective treatment program needs to offer support for all conditions with which a teen is struggling.

Kiwi Recovery Offers Intensive Outpatient Programs for Teens

Kiwi Recovery works with parents to find the right mental health treatment for teenagers. Navigating the world of mental health care can feel intimidating. It’s hard to know which program is the one that will help a teen’s mental health concerns improve.

If you’re uncertain of where to begin when it comes to finding mental health support for your teenager, Kiwi Recovery is here to help. Our compassionate treatment team will conduct a thorough evaluation to identify all areas in which your teen needs help. Then we’ll create an individualized treatment plan designed to offer targeted support.

If you’re wondering whether an intensive outpatient program is right for your teen, give us a call today at 617.751.6610 and ask about the programs available at Kiwi Recovery.